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Almost 7 Months Old Now

Dear Corwin,

You’re almost 7 months old now. These are your favorite books at the moment. You’ve enjoyed reading since the very first time I read you Olivia. Your little arms flailed around excitedly, and you cooed at her.

Yesterday, your dad read you book after book after book and over again for an entire hour. You kept wanting more. He lost his voice, but you loved every bit of it, and looked and sounded like you were reading along, too. These days, you try to turn the pages yourself. I’m thrilled at your eagerness, but don’t feel like you have to rush so much, love. Relish the story.

You have longer hair at the back of your head and it looks a bit like a combover now. I shouldn’t laugh but it’s so funny, especially when you’re smiling at me the way you do. You have the sweetest toothless grin, with just the right amount of mischief in your eyes. You’re such a boy, and I take such delight in that.

You like resting your head on your crib bars like a world-weary jailed puppy. It’s the funniest thing. And you have so many opinions for such a tiny person. You hate peas with every fiber of your little being, and you love sweet potatoes. You think “cup” is the funniest word ever. You like ceilings and birds, and the rusty sign by the park. And your laughter makes the world a better place for me.


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