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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Dear Corwin,

Car rides are becoming quite pleasant for all of us now. You just sit there in your carseat, look around or stare off into space, and quietly process things for a good half hour before you get fussy or fall asleep, provided I stay beside you but ignore you. How very specific of you. You don’t want me crowding you but at the same time, need to know I’m there, especially when we go through tunnels, which is perhaps the only time you look my way while we’re in the car. I can’t help but smile every time.

Yesterday, I sang you The Alphabet Song while holding your hands and moving your little arms to the beat. You smiled your gummy smile and you looked so funny. Your dad and I were laughing so hard, there were tears in our eyes. And then you sang along for the first time. You make me so happy, my love. We’ve been singing a lot together since then. You coo and coo along like you’re singing it with me. You’re out of tune, but you do it so earnestly and happily. It’s insanely adorable and it melts my heart, and I just want to scoop you in my arms and squish you every time.

The other night, you fell asleep in your crib without any help for the first time. Not our decision, but yours entirely. You’ve been sleeping on our bed since we took you home from the hospital. We tried before, but you would cry, so we kept you between us at night. And despite some people’s advice not to carry you often so you won’t get spoiled, we did. We held you every time you needed it. I’m glad we did. You’ve grown to become a happy, secure, capable little fellow. You’re now asserting your independence, and I am simultaneously elated, incredibly proud, and profoundly sad.

You’re almost six months old. You’re growing up so fast. Someday, you won’t need to look for me when you go through tunnels anymore. I’ll enjoy it while I can.


Dear Corwin,

You turned 5 months last Sunday. We took you out for lunch and you were in such a wonderful mood that we decided to throw a party that afternoon. It was crazy, but we pulled it off, and you basked in the love and affection of your relatives ‘till you couldn’t fight sleep anymore.

We went to Japan for 5 days last month with your Tita Tep, who took care of you during the two days daddy and I had to work. We went to Osaka and Kyoto, rode many trains, walked many miles, saw many things. We fell madly in love with the place. Your father and I took turns wearing you in your carrier and had so much fun exploring with you. You traveled like a champ. You were all bundled up like a little eskimo baby, and I wanted to squish you often. We have so many pictures and I can’t wait ’till you’re old enough to truly appreciate them. I’m so happy we decided to take you with us.

You were a big hit with the Japanese, particularly the old ladies. There were two who actually stopped outside the window we were sitting next to and made cooing sounds at you through the glass. There was a lady who sat behind you that you kept smiling at and she was so charmed, she said, “Can I?” and promptly grabbed you from your father’s hands. It was funny then, but maybe we wouldn’t find that so amusing had that happened here at home. Angsty looking teenagers softened up around you, too. My sweet little boy, you’re so indiscriminately friendly, I’m not sure whether to be proud or worried that you take to just about anyone.

Traveling with a baby is a lot more difficult than we’re used to, and we may have packed way, way, WAY more than what was necessary (ask your dad about the sterilizer), but we’ve learned from it, and we’re excited to see more places with you. We have Hong Kong lined up for November. The last time your dad and I were there, you were but a little bean inside mommy’s tummy.

I got sick yesterday, and Ninay had the day off, so your father spent all of yesterday taking care of you while I slept. I’d wake up randomly to find you two talking or napping. You’re so adorable together, it melts my heart. I’m still under the weather, but you and I got some morning snuggles in so I’m happy now. You have the sweetest smile, and you light me up like nothing else can. I miss you terribly when we’re apart.