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satchmi record store 02

I remember five years ago, when Jeff and I got hooked on vinyl records, we couldn’t find new records anywhere in Metro Manila. There were old ones being sold at Makati Cinema Square and Cubao X, but that was mostly it. I had to ask relatives to ship new ones to me from overseas. One time, a whole bunch of records got bent from shipping. I may have cried a bit from the heartbreak. So when Satchmi launched and started selling records in Astrovision branches, we were thrilled. We got to have a steady supply of vinyl, at last. We limit ourselves to one new record every month now.

Been following Satchmi on Instagram so I knew they just opened their very first shop in SM Megamall a few days ago, but it was my friend Benz‘s message with photos of the place that convinced me to drop by. I went there and fell in love, as expected. There’s lots and lots of records to make any music lover happy. There are a couple of listening rooms. There are books, letterpressed notebooks, coffee, and film. It feels like they packaged all the things I love into one little analog lifestyle shop. Definitely worth a visit.

satchmi record store 01

satchmi record store 03satchmi record store 04satchmi record store 05satchmi record store 06satchmi record store 07satchmi record store 08satchmi record store 09satchmi record store 10

Satchmi | 4th level, Fashion Hall, SM Megamall | @satchmi on Twitter | @satchmiteam on Instagram

  • Satchmi already took most of my money. I dont want to visit that store… I’ll go broke for real lol

    How was the coffee though Lisa?ReplyCancel

    • Lisa

      Hi, Dennis! Haha. They already took lots from me even before the store opened, too. Coffee’s pretty good!ReplyCancel

  • Wow I didn’t know Satchmi is selling films as well! Thanks!ReplyCancel

20140422-220955.jpgDear Corwin,

We’re shooting a beautiful renewal of vows today, on the couple’s 25th wedding anniversary. I love how in love they are with each other still, and people have been expecting me to cry today, but thankfully, I’ve managed to contain myself. Haha. But now on the dance floor as the program ends, one of the couple’s sons is dancing with the bride, his mother, and I am on the verge of crying and laughing all at once.

He’s a young, good-looking hipster boy and you’d think he’d feel like he’s too cool to dance with his mother to Dancing Queen, of all songs, but he’s right there on the dance floor with her, with a huge smile on his face. And that makes my heart so happy.

One of my favorite things in the whole world is dancing with you. You dance with so much joy, it’s contagious. We have done this nearly every single day since before you could walk, to songs that range all the way from Queen to Modest Mouse to Pharrell Williams to The Lumineers. Never be too old or too cool to dance with mommy, okay?

Racing home to you now.



Dear Corwin,

You turned 22 months old yesterday. You still love your Iron Man action figure, and still simply call him, “Man”. You collect sticks and rocks and crumpled pieces of paper, and once spent an entire car ride holding a rock in your hand that you insisted on taking home from the park.

Your first four-word sentence was “I don’t want to” after I told you to say you’re sorry. I almost burst out laughing. It’s hilarious and cute now, and in a way, I’m proud you’re asserting yourself. You apologized eventually, touching my cheek with your little hand. By the time you read this letter, I’m sure you already know better and apologize when you need to. We love you so very much, and that’s why we are not raising any brats here.

I often wake up to you looking down at me and saying in your best Elmo voice, “Hi, baby.” It makes me want to squish you into something tiny that will fit inside my pocket. We got you Elmo pjs and you wear them so proudly. It’s so adorable it almost hurts.

Your father has been letting you watch a particularly emotional Pavarotti performance, Vesti La Giubba. And you sign and say, “Cry” at the end when he cries, then ask to watch it over again. I tried to even it out by showing you this video of an orchestra playing Ode to Joy on the streets of Spain, the most wonderful flash mob performance that makes me so happy I tear up each time I watch it. You kept saying “More!” and we watched it five times yesterday, with you on my lap, and your little toy guitar on yours. I was kissing and sniffing your head the entire time. You are the sweetest, most joyful thing I know.


Dear Corwin,

Your father and I are celebrating our seventh wedding anniversary today. We’re here working at the studio for the very first time, before renovations start tomorrow. I’ve put off having an office separate from home, because I really prefer being around you, but you’re growing up now and it’s time. We got a lovely narra table which got delivered today, and we brought in two white chairs from our home office. A few minutes in, Heroes by David Bowie started playing on the speakers, and we danced, and I just started sobbing on your dad’s shoulder. May has been so busy and I miss sleep, but I am just so incredibly happy, it’s overwhelming. I was a sullen child, and I struggled with depression growing up. This peace and happiness I have found in him and in you is beyond anything I have ever imagined was possible or dreamed for myself.

You ended summer school on a high note. Somewhere along the way, you learned how to sit still in class and wait for your turn. We read over a dozen books every day. You pretend read now more than ever — you do this for minutes at a time, and I try my best not to laugh at how cute you are when you’re all serious. You play with pots and pans at home, and say and sign “hot” before pretend tasting your cooking. You play with your little wooden toolbox and “fix” everything with your screwdriver, including my phone when I take pictures of you. I love that you are so imaginative. I had imaginary friends when I was younger. I’m not sure I look forward to you having some. I’ve seen too many horror movies, no thanks to your father.

A few nights ago, I played It Never Entered My Mind by Miles Davis, and your father carried you and danced with me. You listened to the song and looked at me with this look of recognition on your face, and I just knew that you remembered it from when you were in my tummy.

The past month has been a bit rough on you, when your desire and need to communicate were limited by your physical capabilities to speak, but you use more words now and I think we’re slowly getting better. The crying and screaming have significantly lessened, and my sanity thanks you. Seriously though, I could never really mind that much. Even at the height of your toddler angst, I could see you trying to keep yourself in check. Just the other day, you were sitting next to me as I was lying in bed, and you started to cry in frustration over something I don’t remember. I said it’s okay and asked you to come to me. You moved closer and rested your head on my chest, and we held each other. I saw you struggle to calm yourself, to not cry, and we stayed that way for a very long time. I found myself moved to tears. You are a beautiful little person, and I couldn’t be prouder to be your mother.


Rough day. And as usual, my love affair with music and a good shuffle on the iPod saves me. (Well, besides late — so very late — dinner with the hubby and a late night trip to the bookstore.) This song popped up on shuffle on the long drive home, and has been looping nonstop for the past hour. I have a love/hate relationship with sad songs. Should not be too sad tonight though. Emails await.

Amy Winehouse, you are missed.

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The Lisa Show has moved from Tumblr to WordPress. The most recent posts are here already, but I’m still looking for a way to import the rest of the posts, which are still on thelisashow.tumblr.com. That’s four years’ worth of blogging right there. I’ve been wanting to move for some time, and yesterday, I just got fed up. Nothing on Tumblr works the way it should. They don’t even have an export tool. I mean, COME ON.

Anyway, a large part of my hesitation to move sooner was because I really, really like sharing the music I listen to, and they made that easy. And today, I figured out how to post audio files here on WordPress. If you’ve been following this blog for some time, you would understand exactly how happy that makes me.

So here’s what’s been stuck in my head all day long, thanks (or no thanks, depends on how you see it) to The Perks of Being a Wallflower and my husband.

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Come on Eileen – Dexys Midnight Runners

♬ Come on, Eileen. I swear at this moment you mean everything. ♬

This is the kind of song you dance crazily to in your living room, with your eyes closed. Just saying.