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Dear Corwin,

You’re three months old today. Lately, you’ve taken to watching me. All the time. Even when you’re with your father, your head turns to me. When I hold you in my arms, you stare up at me, look into my eyes and at my hair, then you turn all shy and bashful, and bury your face in my shirt with a giggle. Then you do it all over again. This goes on for minutes. I never tire of it.

You still laugh and smile everyday, and you’ll talk to anyone. You’re such a happy baby. During your baptism, you chatted up the priest so animatedly the entire time that he couldn’t get a word in edgewise. You had all the adults in stitches.

Your sneezes are particularly adorable, and for the longest time, it’s been making me and your father laugh. So now you think sneezes are funny. We took you around the mall last week and we heard someone sneeze nearby. You laughed and looked at us, expecting us to laugh too. Silly little bunny, I love you so much.

It hurts to be away from you for however long, but I get to work beside your dad again now, doing something that we love so much. We’re incredibly lucky. And you are even more reason to do what we do. Because these couples, they’ll have kids like you too. I want them to be able to see the love that brought them into this world.

I take pictures of us often. You understand how cameras work. When I take pictures of the three of us and show you the shots I’ve taken, your eyes light up like nothing else, as if you understand that the three of us belong together. And I could swear you love the sound of the shutter. You’ve heard it thousands of times before, while you were in my tummy. I hope that wherever life finds you, it always reminds you of home.