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Monthly Archives: May 2014

Craftsmith Living

I came across Craftsmith when The Delightful Miss Joyce posted photos of their shop on her Instagram account, way before they opened. I followed them on Instagram then, and have been falling in love with Mia and Kitty’s work since. (Incidentally, Mia is also the woman behind Mobu Days. The pillow we got from Urban Abode was designed by her.) Craftsmith opened very recently, and I was able to drop by this afternoon. I tried to keep it together but I may have gushed a bit. I was just soView full post »

A Scratch Map of the Philippines

A former bride of ours and our assistant both told me that the Luckies Scratch Map I picked up in Sydney and blogged about is already available locally through Quirks. I saw on their page that they commissioned Luckies to make a scratch map of the Philippines, and was thrilled. Made arrangements to get one soon as I could. I was pretty surprised by how large the map is, if I’m being honest. It’s taking me forever to finish it because they’re pretty big areas to cover, butView full post »

Farewell, George

We have a harmless little house lizard that my two year old son has named George about a year ago, and he greets it happily each time it decides to make an appearance. Well, tonight, George must have felt a bit warm because he went inside the A/C. It made a horrifying sound. Jeff looked inside and found George split in two, with his bottom half still wriggling. I could not bring myself to look, but I have been told he is very, very dead. I have been going from shock and horror to funeralView full post »

Travel Find: Scratch Map

I posted this photo on Instagram recently and I’ve been getting asked about it, so I figured I’d share it here, too. It’s a scratch map, where you scratch off the places you’ve been to with a coin. It’s pretty cool, and I can’t wait to scratch off more countries. Incidentally, I remember one of our brides got this as a gift from her groom recently, and I think it’s a brilliant gift for someone you want to see the world with. Picked this up at the LonelyView full post »

Urban Abode: Charming Little Furniture and Lifestyle Shop

I’m a sucker for things wooden and handmade. That’s why our house is filled with all sorts of wooden toys even though my two year old son’s favorite toys are cups, bottle caps, and paper straws. That’s why I have an Etsy habit that I can’t quite shake. There’s a romance to things made well by hand. I feel like there’s a wealth of stories in them. I learned about Urban Abode from a client, and I’ve been following them on Instagram sinceView full post »