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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Christmas 2013

Dear Corwin, You are 2 years and 1.5 months old now. It’s like something magically switched on last month. You have become incredibly increasingly affectionate. You shower us with soooo many hugs and kisses now, and call it “lambing”. You do this a LOT. You ask for hugs, even from your carseat. My heart melts, and I still get so wonderfully overwhelmed at times. You weren’t a snuggly baby, and I would always get a bit sad when I saw other babies cuddled up to theirView full post »


December 7, 2013. On the drive home from Jeff’s birthday dinner. Corwin, from his car seat: “Daddy. Mad.” Jeff: “What are you mad about?” Corwin, solemnly: “Peoples.” — December 12, 2013. While we were fixing up for work, Corwin was stuffing his cooking pot full of crayons. Me: “That’s a lot of crayons. Can you count them?” Corwin: “One, two, three.” Me: “That’s a lot more than three, silly. How many areView full post »