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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Dear Corwin,

You are two weeks away from being two years old. Two whole years. You’re so tall, you’re almost up to my waist. You’re energetic, bright, slightly stubborn, creative, and all sorts of wonderful things. You’re still learning the rules and learning how to operate within the boundaries we have set for you though, and it can be a bit challenging, especially at your age now. We are firm with you, and I think you’ll appreciate this more when you’re older. Thankfully, you more than make up for the rough toddler patches with your hugs and kisses.

You weren’t a snuggly, cuddly baby. Nope, not in the least. You’ve always been very sweet, but you would grunt and complain when we tried to hug you for too long, even as an infant. Your dad has a feeling you may be slightly claustrophobic, which makes sense because he and I are, too. I was always slightly jealous whenever other babies would snuggle up to their mommies, and I wondered if I would ever have that with you. Over the past few months though, you’ve gotten significantly more affectionate. You run to me sometimes and hug me out of the blue, squeezing so tightly. That feeling is one of the best feelings ever. The first few times you did that, I almost cried. It’s like how you made “mommy” the most incredibly beautiful word in the world.

You’re so into music, and I’m excited to see where this takes you. We dance and sing, and you scrunch your face like you’re really rocking it out when you play your toy guitar. Then you raise your arms in the air in triumph before clapping your hands. I love you so much, you funny little thing.

Grandma got you your Halloween costume and we tried it on tonight. Needless to say, it was a big hit. You were BURSTING with joy at the sight of yourself as Elmo. Seeing you happy makes me so happy, my love. It’s such a small thing, a silly, simple little costume, but it meant the world to you. Your joy touches me in a way that nothing else can. I had no idea there exists in the world a feeling as pure as this. Everything in my life has led me to this. To you. To our little family. I am grateful every single day.