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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Three Things

Dear Corwin, This morning you woke up, smiled at me sweetly, sleepily, and asked for broccoli. How could I possibly refuse? I’ve never really been into cooking, but I like to try sometimes, especially for you. One of my favorite memories will always be of this morning, as you played air violin with all the seriousness that a 22 month old boy can muster. You did this as you sat on my lap and I hummed Ode to Joy, while we waited for the broccoli to finish baking. You saidView full post »

Ode to Joy

Dear Corwin, You turned 22 months old yesterday. You still love your Iron Man action figure, and still simply call him, “Man”. You collect sticks and rocks and crumpled pieces of paper, and once spent an entire car ride holding a rock in your hand that you insisted on taking home from the park. Your first four-word sentence was “I don’t want to” after I told you to say you’re sorry. I almost burst out laughing. It’s hilarious and cute now, and in aView full post »