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Monthly Archives: July 2013

My Best Days

Dear Corwin, You are 20 months and 11 days old. We’re discovering that you have a knack for deadpan humor, and I suppose I have your father to thank / blame for that. Whenever I’m looking for something and ask you where it is, you look at me and without blinking, point to your mouth, saying “Ahh”. Completely deadpan. Who knew toddlers could do that. I pretend to be shocked, and that’s when you laugh with glee and run away from me. Silly little thing. You raiseView full post »

Smiley Faces

Dear Corwin, Over the past 2-3 months, you’ve been quite taken with superheroes, particularly Iron Man. It’s funny because you don’t watch tv (except for the occasional Dora or Sesame Street) or read comic books. You just really like them. We got you a foot-long action figure of Iron Man, and the look on your face when you first saw him was priceless. Sometimes you hug him when you sleep. Sometimes you prefer a small bendable figure of Linus from Peanuts. One time, you walkedView full post »