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Monthly Archives: December 2012

On Reading

Dear Corwin, We started reading to you when you were just weeks old, I think. We’ve been reading to you almost every day since then. You started turning the pages on your own quite early, maybe on your 7th month. Now, we’d say a title of a book or mention a book character, and you’d go to your pile of books to hunt for it and bring it to us. Olivia was one of your first books. Recently, grandma gave you a stuffed Olivia and the look of recognition on your face was justView full post »

13 Months

Dear Corwin, We celebrated your dad’s birthday yesterday. It was so perfect that it almost felt like it was my birthday, too. I love him more than I know how to put into words, and it melts my heart, how much you adore him, too. When he enters the room, you run to him and hug his knees. You do that more often with him than you do with me. I’d be jealous, but I’m just so proud that my husband is such an amazing father that our one year old son runs to hug him that IView full post »

Smiling Tree Toys

I came across Smiling Tree Toys on Etsy while looking for wooden toys, and I was just bowled over and charmed. The shop is run by Justin and Kathleen, and their lovely daughter, Amana. You can read more about them here. Corwin loves wooden and felt toys, so I’m encouraging that now. And I’ve always loved handmade things not just because of the love and and care that go into making them, but because of the stories and lives we get to be a part of, even in the littlest ways. I loveView full post »

Handmade Love

I’ve been doing a lot of crafting lately. It’s funny if you know me. I’ve always loved pretty paper and nothing cheers me up like a trip to a school and office supplies store, and I love, love, love handmade things, but I’ve always sucked at crafts so I just didn’t bother. What got me started was preparing for Corwin’s first birthday party and my obsession with washi tapes. As you can see, I have a bit of a problem there. Must stop buying washiView full post »