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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Better Than I Am

Dear Corwin, You’ve been particularly attached to me these past few weeks. You call out for mommy over and over again when I’m not with you. This makes it very difficult to work, because all I want to do is run to you when I hear you calling. Once, your dad was brushing your teeth when I walked in, and you yelled, “MAAAA!” with a growl and your eyes all lit up and a huge grin on your face. A few days ago, you looked for me while I was in the shower. You heard footstepsView full post »

Corwin’s First Birthday Party

Jeff and I decided to have a small lunch with just family to celebrate Corwin’s first birthday last November 10. (His birthday was on the 8th.) Now, Jeff and I are okay with crowds — we handle crowds of 100 to 1,000 on a regular basis with work — but we do not like hosting parties because it’s stressful for us introverts. We made a small exception for the little one though. We wanted him to be surrounded by family for his birthday, so that’s what we did. There wereView full post »

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

Rough day. And as usual, my love affair with music and a good shuffle on the iPod saves me. (Well, besides late — so very late — dinner with the hubby and a late night trip to the bookstore.) This song popped up on shuffle on the long drive home, and has been looping nonstop for the past hour. I have a love/hate relationship with sad songs. Should not be too sad tonight though. Emails await. Amy Winehouse, you are missed. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) isView full post »

On Your First Birthday

Dear Corwin, Yesterday was just like any other day for you, but I watched it in minutes and seconds. It was the last day you would ever be called an infant. You were walking, “reading”, reaching for things, and talking. You definitely didn’t look or act like an infant anymore, but it was a technicality I was happy to hold on to. It’s now 1:27am of November 8, 2012. You are one year old today. I’ve just finished wrapping your presents: more wooden toys and a book.View full post »

Recuperating, and First Birthday Party Planning

The past three weeks have been rough. I got a really bad flu that lasted well over a week, and at the tail end of it, I caught a bacterial infection which did me in a few days later, for another week. I’ve still been working, but most of my spare time has been spent in bed, sleeping and recuperating. Corwin is growing leaps and bounds by the day, and it sucks feeling like I’m missing out, especially when he’s turning a year old. But he’s such a sweetheart, and just beingView full post »