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Monthly Archives: October 2012

11 Months, 22 Days

Dear Corwin, We celebrated Halloween in the village last Sunday. We stayed on the outskirts because there were too many people and it was such a hot afternoon, but you kept pointing to the crowd and insisting we join them. How two introverts gave birth to an extrovert like you, I’ll never understand. I cannot help but be proud that you’re so sweet and friendly, and the neighbors all know you by name. I feel like we’re doing a fairly decent job of raising you, and that makesView full post »

Baby Batman

Dear Corwin, I’ve been sick with the flu all week. Your father has been incredibly sweet, taking care of me and picking up the slack, both at work and with you. When we’re not out shooting, I’ve been in bed resting, trying to get better. You would play on your playmat beside me and would “visit” me every 15 minutes or so, to do one or two or all of the following: – bite my knee playfully to tickle me – launch your torso across mine and just hang thereView full post »

Exactly What I Needed

Dear Corwin, These photos are of us when you were two months old, back when you did very few things outside of sleeping, eating, and passing gas. One of them was posing for pictures with me on the front-facing camera of my iPhone while daddy was asleep. The picture quality isn’t very good, and part of mommy’s job is to mind when it actually isn’t, but it kept you interested and us occupied. I let go and just enjoyed it. You’re turning a year old in two weeks, andView full post »

11 Months, 11 Days

Dear Corwin, These past two days have been rough on all of us. You decided to become a toddler a bit early, and whined and cried over every little thing while mommy was suffering from heat exhaustion. Oh, my dear child. If you ever wonder how much I love you, you need look no further for proof. I haven’t sold you yet! Okay, that’s a joke. You have great comedic timing now. I hope you still have a sense of humor by the time you read this. You’ll need it to survive yourView full post »

Even Better

This month is turning out to be busier than I expected. Grateful. I miss sleep, but it feels good. I rush home to this, and it feels even better.View full post »


Follow me on Instagram: lisallarenaView full post »

Rocket Town

Currently planning a small and intimate lunch with relatives next month, to celebrate Corwin’s first birthday. The husband and I introverts and averse to the idea of hosting large parties so this is definitely not a party, just a small gathering over good comfort food. I am in denial, obviously. But I’m happy at the thought of Corwin surrounded by so many people who love him all at once. The theme is inspired by one of his favorite books, Rocket Town. Jeff’s drawing someView full post »

11 Months

Dear Corwin, You turned 11 months yesterday. We celebrated it by having lunch out with your dad. You smiled at the waitress each time she was at our table. We also went to the play gym, and you had a great time exploring. You finally went through the tunnels. I’m so proud of you, my brave little man. One of my favorite things in the world these days is when you lay on top of me in bed at night, with the both of us facing up, while I sing songs and act them out with my hands. You loveView full post »

New Digs

The Lisa Show has moved from Tumblr to WordPress. The most recent posts are here already, but I’m still looking for a way to import the rest of the posts, which are still on thelisashow.tumblr.com. That’s four years’ worth of blogging right there. I’ve been wanting to move for some time, and yesterday, I just got fed up. Nothing on Tumblr works the way it should. They don’t even have an export tool. I mean, COME ON. Anyway, a large part of my hesitation to moveView full post »