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Monthly Archives: September 2012

All My Reasons

Dear Corwin, You’re almost 11 months old now, and turning into quite the mama’s boy. Most days you refuse to be held by anyone else when I’m around. I can’t say I particularly mind. Okay, that’s a lie. I love it and try very hard not to gloat. There was a time you preferred your father so I’m relishing this. Your dad and I held our first photography workshop this past weekend, which ate up a considerable amount of our time and energies this past month. But we were doing something we believe inView full post »

You are What I Imagine Heaven Smells Like

Dear Corwin, You turned 10 months old yesterday. You blew your candle on a muffin, and we had grandma’s spaghetti. Your 9th month has been your best so far. Everything just happened all at once. You scoot around your playpen and crib so fast now, I can imagine you’ll be walking very soon. This is one of my favorite photos of you on your 9th month. This is part of a series of photos that I want to hang in the living room. You call me “mamamamama” when I have my back turned to you, and thenView full post »

Just Fine

Dear Corwin, You woke up at 3am, just when I was done working and about to sleep. You pulled yourself up, grunting with exertion, while I lay in bed pretending to be asleep. I hoped you would go back to sleep on your own. You didn’t. Instead, you started tossing things overboard and talked to them when they were scattered on the floor. Then you made funny faces at me while I peeked at you from beneath my lashes, until I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. You bounced with utter glee, and I didView full post »