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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Robot Nursery Prints

Remember when I fell in love with some owl prints on Etsy that are now hanging on my son’s wall? Lee Arthaus now has ROBOTS. Argh. I want these two.View full post »

Teething and Belonging

Dear Corwin, Your first two teeth are coming out. It’s been… interesting. Basically, teething is hell. You’re in pain, and I wish so much I could make it better. You’ve been whining for a week now, and I think I may be going insane. Other than that, all is well, and as always, I love you. Lately, you’ve taken to grabbing my eyeglasses off my face. I used to mind and tell you not to do that, because I particularly hate it when people do this without my permission, until I realized why you doView full post »

On The Wishlist: Moleskine Postal Notebooks

Came across this today (via Polaroids and Thoughts): Moleskine Postal Notebooks! I’m trying not to squee with glee. I’m such a sucker for pretty paper products. (Photos grabbed from the Moleskine store.) I write better on a laptop than longhand, but for a couple or so Dear Corwin letters, I think that’d be nice. And suddenly, I want pen pals again. Someone write me something beautiful.View full post »

Finding Our Rhythm

Dear Corwin, You’re turning 9 months tomorrow. You clap your hands with glee when you’re happy, and pull yourself up to stand on your own. You kiss my lips when I ask you to “kiss mommy.” You army crawl like nobody’s business, and love carrots like a bunny. Your smile is still gummy, and you still bounce. A lot. And you make exploding noises while you knock over your stacking cups. Not really sure where you got that from. We don’t let you watch tv, soView full post »

Liquid Nitrogen S’Mores on a Rainy Day

A fun date with the hubby at The Iscreamist.View full post »