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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Your First Swim

Dear Corwin, You went swimming for the first time last week. You treated it like Very Serious Business, and went about splashing with your brow furrowed. It was the funniest thing. Love, MommyView full post »


Dear Corwin, During your 7th month, you learned how to sit unsupported, crawled faster, and learned to play on your own for 20 minutes at a time. I thought you would learn how to sit unassisted earlier, because you’ve been doing everything else earlier than expected. (You lifted your head to look at me when you were 2 days old, and you started rolling over on your 3rd month, much to your father’s dismay, who liked it when you slept on his chest at night.) Sitting independently took this longView full post »

Fortunes on Trees

Japan, 2012. Fortunes on trees in shrine grounds.View full post »

Funny Bunny

At 2:01am, and again at 2:33am. You’re a funny little bunny.View full post »

Cranky Pants

Dear Corwin, It has come to my attention that you get the cranky pants from me. Okay, we’ve all actually known this for some time now, but I had a rough day yesterday, and it has come to my attention again. You’re happy most of the time, but you have my fiery temperament. I wished so much you would get your father’s. He’s mellow, unflappable, constant, and patient. These all great things I aspire to. I sincerely hope he rubs off on you over time. I hope you learn toView full post »


My dad’s visiting right now. He brought this with him, my old View-Master 3D. This brings me back to my childhood, and it’s such a beautiful feeling, this nostalgia. I should save some of my son’s toys.View full post »